This week, Alicia & I will be at the Moody Bible Institute Pastor’s Conference in Chicago, and I want to tell you the testimony of how this all occurred.

 A lady that works with Alicia’s mother was driving to work one day listening to Moody Radio in Chicago when she heard that Moody was giving away two tickets to the conference.  This lady knew that Alicia & I are in ministry and so she prayed, “Lord, I would love to win these tickets so that Bo & Alicia could go to the conference.” She won them!

 Alicia & I agreed to go, but we talked about where we would stay.  There were a couple of options available to us that we were debating, but then someone told Alicia they might have one other option.  That person did some checking, and the place where we are staying is at a couple’s home, LITERALLY right across the street from the conference!

 We knew that we were going to have to eat out for the week-which in downtown Chicago can get very expensive.  Yet, we thought, God has provided this much, surely He will help us make up the difference later.  Still, I prayed that God would provide for us.  This invitation to the conference came out of nowhere, and the housing was provided so I had been praying for the past couple of weeks that God would also provide for our meals.

On Sunday, Alicia had visited with her best friend Carrie, and as she was leaving Carrie slipped an envelope in her hand and said, “take this, but I must tell you the story.”  On Saturday, Carrie’s husband Vince was working outside and suddenly came into the house and said, “I have this overwhelming burden that we are supposed to give Alicia some money.”  Carrie thought it would pass, but on Sunday morning Vince said to her, “don’t forget to give Alicia that check when she gets here.”  The amount that they gave was more than enough for our meals for the week!!

The old saying is true, “Where He GUIDES, He PROVIDES.”  You cannot out-give God.  He is the sovereign God of this world.  He cares and will provide for EACH of His children who walk in obedience to Him.

Trust Him!!!!

Psalm 146

The LORD an Abundant Helper.

1Praise the LORD!
Praise the
LORD, O my soul!

2I will praise the LORD while I live;
I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.

3Do not trust in princes,
In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.

4His spirit departs, he returns to the earth;
In that very day his thoughts perish.

5How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob,
Whose hope is in the L
ORD his God,

6Who made heaven and earth,
The sea and all that is in them;
Who keeps faith forever;

7Who executes justice for the oppressed;
Who gives food to the hungry.
The LORD sets the prisoners free.

8The LORD opens the eyes of the blind;
The LORD raises up those who are bowed down;
The LORD loves the righteous;

9The LORD protects the strangers;
He supports the fatherless and the widow,
But He thwarts the way of the wicked.

10The LORD will reign forever,
Your God, O Zion, to all generations.
Praise the LORD!